LEAKED: Black Moth Super Rainbow “Eating Us” LP


UPDATE/1st Impression:

When I first discovered Black Moth Super Rainbow – they were opening for The Flaming Lips – I was thoroughly impressed.  Their unique post-rock synergy between alien-like synths and vocoders was like nothing I had ever heard before.  A classic 80s Richard Simmons work out video (I couldn’t tell you which one) was playing on the stages backdrop, and I swear to this day that BMSR’s music was perfectly synchronized with that Simmons work-out routine.

My initial impression of Black Moth Super Rainbow Eating Us (a clever title, no?) is pretty simple: The album, thus far, sounds completely enjoyable.  BMSR’s signature sounds are all in place, and the songs flow together strongly from beginning till end.  The only real problem with the album – if it’s even fair for me to fault the band for this – is that Eating Us is no more adventurous than Dandelion Gum (2007); in fact, I would probably believe you if you told me that the two albums were recorded during the same session.

While I’m thrilled that BMSR haven’t exactly faltered, I have to say I’m a little disappointed that they didn’t push their creative process further – especially considering that this is the bands first hi-fi record, and that it was produced by the prolific Dave Fridmann (that’s right, the Flaming Lips’ loyal producer, not to mention Weezer, Modest Mouse, Sleater-Kinney, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, Tapes ‘n Tapes, MGMT, etc.).  So basically, as much as I’m likely to give this record a lot of spin time, and rate it as 8/10 or so, I’m really pissed that BMSR settled for satisfactory.  Eating Us is good, but it’s terribly unadventorous for a 4th album… it’s kind of like BMSR are eating your money by selling you the same record twice.


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