best new Sincerely Yours act: jj


“a lot of blood was sacrificed to make this happen.”

The Tough Alliance’s Sincerely Yours record label is at it again.  A recent addition to their catalog is a 7″ by the new mysterious (presumably Swedish) act entitled jj.

The only things I know about jj are that he/she/they use no-caps, sacrifice a lot of blood to make music, remain cloaked in mystery, and sound like a perfect fit for the electro-dream-pop of label mates The Tough Alliance and Air France.  In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if jj turns out to be some sort of Air France/Tough Alliance collaboration.

“You couldn’t duplicate this shit if I told you how to.” – jj

The two tracks on the 7″ are “my life, my swag” and “my swag, my life.” A bit confusing?  I imagine it’s all part of the mysterious no-caps/reversable-band-name marketing gimmick.

Pitchfork just Best New Track’d “my life, my swag,” and “my swag, my life” stacks up just as nicely.

Take a listen to the songs below, or purchase them on vinyl or MP3 over here.  And remember, with every order from Sincerely Yours a donation is automatically made to the World Wildlife Fund (because Sincerely Yours is just awesome like that).

Get ready for 7.5 minutes of infinitely listenable bliss (seriously, these tracks have been on repeat all night).

jj “my life, my swag”

jj “my swag, my life”

“I turned down bigger things to do this because I’m hoping that freedom translates into something better.” – jj



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3 responses to “best new Sincerely Yours act: jj

  1. Awesome lyrics but I’m looking for something louder and faster.

  2. sachi

    okay here’s the skinny on jj. it is in fact spelled J.J. he is indeed in the trance scene. a famous dj in europe. the album jj no° 1 is where these songs come from. he has a hand full of other albums

  3. tab

    Wah! What are you talking about sachi? Basically everything you said is incorrect. Have now idea where you got all that crazy info. Maybe iTunes. Anyway, one of the many things, it spells jj. No dots, only lower case. Thank you and good night.

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