Health “Die Slow” + (Pictureplane remix)


Pictureplane is one of my favorite laptop artists from the last year.  His album Turquoise Trail is a unique electronic adventure, and it’s quite good.  One song on the album, entitled “Flashion (You Designed My Mind)” is one of my favorite electro tracks ever, and got “Stuck On Repeat” a while back (but the article doesn’t seem to be available anymore).  I can’t actually figure out whether the album is formally released or not though (and I’ve seen/read very little about it), but if you can find it you should definitely give it a listen.

Last year Pictureplane remixed Health’s “Lost Time” for the HEALTH//DISCO remix album, and did a fantastic job.  This time around Pictureplane has remixed the first single from Health’s forthcoming Get Color LP (which has been released as the B-side to the 7″), and it is enjoyable, but nowhere near as exciting as “Lost Time.”

MP3: Health “Die Slow” (Pictureplane remix) (Link)

The Pictureplane remix of the song is probably more accessible – and instantly sounds like Pictureplane, for those who would find that appealing – but the original Health version, which just got “Best New Track’d,” is definitely superior.

MP3: Health “Die Slow” (Link)

This first single from Health sounds a lot more pleasant than I expected, and gives me hope that Get Color will be a little less noisy, and a little more tight than their self-titled debut LP (although the debut was really enjoyable, it just took me a little while to warm up to it).



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