Bat for Lashes “Daniel” (Lo Fi Version) (Video)


I loved Natasha Khan’s ‘Bat for Lashes’ debut album Fur and Gold (regardless of its 6.5/10 review – I mean who could dislike this).  And on her forthcoming LP, Two Suns, she takes all of her dark pop mastery to the next level.

The first two Two Suns tracks made public, “Glass” and “Daniel,” are two of my favorite songs of the year, and both received “Best New Track” honors from Pitchfork.

If I decide to publish a review of Two Suns I will probably give it something like 9/10.  So basically, you should listen to it.  Also, Pitchfork is probably going to “Best New Music” the album soon (although I could see them deciding that as good as the “individual tracks can be, the record as a whole is frustratingly dilute,” and giving it a poor rating), and then it’ll get even more hyped then it already is, so listen and/or talk about it before then if you want to improve your indie-legitimacy (it was streaming in it’s entirety on MySpace, but doesn’t appear to be anymore).

UPDATE: Bat for Lashes Two Suns was just “Best New Music’d

This video is of Natasha performing the “Lo Fi Version” of “Daniel.”  It got posted elsewhere today, but I’ve been listening to Two Suns on repeat every night (it’s better at night), and figured I need an excuse to give Bat for Lashes more blog-attention, so here’s my excuse:

Here’s the official video for “Daniel.”  Two Suns is available now both digitally and physically.


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