is Dananananaykroyd the worst indie-band name ever?


“Hey Everyone”

LP Review



I’ve seen this band’s name floating around for a little while now, and I refused to listen to them.  I figured “hell, with a name like that this band probably totally sucks, and just hopes that some publication like NME will think the band name is marketable and help make Dananananaykroyd the next shitty UK gossip-music-magazine indie-buzz-band.”


Well, I decided to actually listen to Dananananaykroyd’s debut LP today, and wow was I ever right about this band.  The album was absolutely horrendous.  But you know what I was wrong about?  I figured – based on a combination of their band name & public relations campaign – that Danananananaykroyd would sound like a bad rip-off of Los Campesinos! meets Art Brut meets Bloc Party.  But they don’t really sound like that at all.  They sound like some sort of awful semi-mainstream pop-screamo genre for which I’m not able to drop name comparisons (although I’m sure there are bands like this out there, I’m just not familiar with them).


I’m not going to put myself through listening to Hey Everyone again, so I won’t go into any further depth about just how badly their music sucks.  But what I will say is that and whoever else has been pushing this band aught to be ashamed of themselves.  Danananananananananananananananananaykroyd doesn’t even deserve to be the next shitty UK gossip-music-magazine indie-buzz-band; and that is seriously saying something.




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30 responses to “is Dananananaykroyd the worst indie-band name ever?

  1. Sam

    fuck you dick, dananananaykroyd is easily the best thing to happen to progressive music recently. they’re an awesome band, go fuck yourself

  2. dont judge a book by its cover?

    (…seriously, do you get paid for this?)

  3. Canadian McDick


    I wish all reviewers could be more like you…but I’m not sure how many people can actually get their head THAT far up their own arse.

  4. [a different] Sam

    I run this, please explain in more detail why it’s crap there 🙂

  5. mumford

    Seriously mate, what the fuck are you talking about?

  6. georgie pie

    you’re trying to be cynical about something you don’t understand. that’s not cynicism, that’s pretension. grow up and accept that some things you don’t like are still publicly accepted.

  7. Charlotte

    3 words: WORST REVIEW EVER !!!!

    Saw the guys 5 times live since january ! AWESOME MORE THAN AWESOME ! Kaiser Chiefs just looked rubbish compared to them during the european tour ahaha. I wonder where u could find such arguments as they’re all WRONG 🙂

  8. Jane

    I wondered how you could be so wrong, then I saw the bands you have as your top friends on myspace and I understood. Its simple you have no music taste. BTW Dananananaykroyd are simply amazing live and not snoozeworthy like all the crap you like.

  9. Chris

    AHAHAHAHAHAHA! I lol’d so much at this. You sir are one of the most pretentious people on the planet, you clearly don’t have a clue about music in any form if you decided to postpone listening to Dananananaykroyd due to their name and to top it all of you come from a country that thinks Billy Talent are a quality indie act!

  10. Dan

    Yeah, too bad Dananananaykroyd don’t have a cool, non-stupid name like ‘best of the year’ Wavves.

  11. john

    you’re such a stupid fucking cock! Their music is amazing and no way did they choose the name to get P.R and become a fake, corporate sell out, money making band. They are all about having fun, the name reflects this. They don’t take themselves madly seriously and just enjoy putting on awesome, fun gigs. If you can’t see this, then you’re one big deaf ignorant wanker. FUCK YOU! dananananaykroyd rule

  12. Mole

    What the fuck is this guy on about seriously, there one of the best bands ive heard in a long time and it sounds different and new with to the rest of the pop shite thats crawling up at the moment, also respect for the double drumming!

  13. dave

    FUCK YOU! they’re awesome. i would actually punch you in the face if i met you. hopefully i never have to meat such a stupid idiot like you.

  14. carlos


  15. well, i could swear like everybody else, but its been done. i haven’t visited the forum link that (a different) sam posted, but i hope you have/will explain why you think they’re so horrendous. i read your post twice and it seemed very childish both times (especially the captioned pictures). you haven’t justified anything, all you’ve done is created a lot of noise, but that’s what the internet is for, i suppose…

  16. LiaMMV

    Unable to make comparisons due to the fact your an uneducated little prick perhaps? Gimmicks aside this album is one of the biggest musical achievements I’ve heard this year. Maybe shake off that illusion that by somehow not conforming to all that “buzz” based on a band’s name you’ll come away looking like the coolest guy EVER and actually LISTEN to this band. YOU SUCK!

  17. PinguTheDuck

    Arrogant prick!

    Take these two flippers of mine and go shove them up your arse.

    You are sidelined with Adolf Hitler in the most hated person competition, I reckon you’d win except Adolf is dead!

    Flea before my wake.

  18. lauren

    jokes at how rawly you got owned by all these comments.

    for the record,YOU SUCK not danananananananananananannanakroyd.

  19. lololz

    Is this the worst indie review ever?

    Why yes.

    Yes it is.

  20. Weirdcore

    What makes me laugh the most out of all of this blog. The fact that everything is so so so very similar to Pitchfork and there Best new Music.

    I think you only disagree on one band now and then to keep the suspicions low. Since Dana got a 7.2 on pitchfork I reckon you targeted them for there ‘fun’ and ‘laughable’ name because you thought they ‘sounded shit’

    Oh by the way…the whole Mainstream culture you ever so slightly stepped into, look into it, you’ve never been more wrong. Since your sight is promoting mainstream music, congrats, you’ve promoted Danana.

    Oh the irony.

  21. fitz

    LOL 😀
    this is crap, not a review

    danana are awesome

  22. Ellie

    Right okay I’m Canadian, I live in the UK and I consider myself quite patriotic about both countries, but reading your pretentious shit about Dananananakroyd being a crap band made me want to throw my Canadian flag into the river Thames. Even though you say you’ve listened to the album you wouldn’t have enjoyed as much as I and the majority of the other people commenting on here have, because you had a prejudice from the start: their NAME!?? You’re obviously more up your own arse than the tory party front bench.

  23. wocca

    I notice not one person has agreed with you. Maybe that will tell you something about how amazing Danana are? I’ve seen them 11 times live and they haven’t disappointed once. Dananananakroyd – amazing band – more than just a name.

  24. Jay

    Oh wow. One of the freshest indie bands to have come out in recent years, and your response is that they’re “some sort of awful semi-mainstream pop-screamo genre”. Heck, you don’t even know enough about this genre you have so readily put them into to name-drop not even one band. What does that tell people about you?

    If Dananananaykroyd is mainstream, then my cousin’s doom instrumental band that plays at house parties is fucking mainstream

  25. Vicki

    i like the awesome picture editing you did in Paint. mmm. very tasteful. Maybe you could do the album art for Danan’s next album? That would put people of listening to the genius inside!

    You fail! you immediatley hate a band cause of their name, yet all you “music-moguls” say that imdividuality is the best aspect of music.

  26. dretom



    THEY ARE BETTER THAN Green Day or Enter Shikari!

    They need more exposure! great album!

  27. Mark Waters

    Ha congradulations, your shite review of an awesome band has resulted in everyone who reads it to hate you. Did you want this or are you an idiot?
    man your a bawbag.

  28. XANDER

    You have bearly said anything about the album’s actual content, mearly brushing over it briefly with close-minded views. Personally I consider the album to be not only amazing, but also a breath of fresh air for the British music scene.

    I think considering not only your inability to review music and bands properly, but also your clear misunderstanding of British music as a whole, you should retire your reviewing career at the tender age of 15. Or 16. Or however old your under-developed brain is.

    Good day, douchebag.

  29. Jake

    wow you probably liked them when you listened but got pissed off when you couldn’t pronounce the name and figured that was just cause to write a stupid pretentious review about them so cheers to you fuckhead!!!

  30. not one to coment on music taste as mine is just deranged from Agua to Parkway Drive, but i know a good band or singer when i hear them weather i liek them or not. In Dananananaykroyd’s case i really like and hottly tip them to be a big name in the more underground indie NOT mainstream and a huge guilty pleasure for metal heads n the like.
    I do hope o see them live and vids on youtube show that tehy are pretty awsome and ok there debut album no blow ay mind awaway, debuts rarley are but it a bloomin awsome one so sush. Don’t judge by the cover and get some fuckin music sense

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