is the Golden Filter going to make cover bands cool ?!


Obviously there is nothing new about doing a cover song.  There have been countless cover bands the world over, and every once in a while a band you like might actually do a cover song that you like.  I know indie-acts like Harlem, Little Boots, Radiohead, and Bradford Cox have been dabbling in cover songs over the last couple years, but something about the Golden Filter’s approach to covers screams “clever marketing gimmick” more than the other bands (and the Golden Filter – thus far – seem to have a knack for really good covers).

The band has been playing all of its cards perfectly, and have effectively cornered the indie-market.  The Golden Filter understand the “new music industry,” and are approaching it through a golden filter (via having to look through mysterious peroxided bangs).


From the release of their first infectious single, “Solid Gold,” to the successful covering/remixing of notable indie bands, to a well played (or so I hear) couple of SXSW sets, the Golden Filter knows what it takes to make it in the blogosphere.


[Pic via GvB]

The Golden Filter’s website even demonstrates a keen understanding of the indie-market.  The website is one page, with “The Golden Filter” written across the middle, and links provided to the band’s MySpace, FaceBook, Last.FM, YouTube, iLike, Mailing List, and email (the band also has a Twitter).  The BEST PART of the website; however, is the backdrop: a conceptual lo-fi video, with a conceptual golden sun shining through a conceptual set of golden bangs, all to the brilliant sounds of “Solid Gold.”  The band just wants you “to follow the golden fox, through the golden dawn, take the golden key, go down the golden hall, through the golden filter, [and] see the golden light.”

The Golden Filter’s only possible mistep so far is a mediocre conceptual video for “Solid Gold.”  But then again, a few of the shots with ‘golden light’ were nicely composed, and the choice of Vimeo (instead of YouTube) gives the video an extra ounce of artistic cred.

goldenfilterrollerskatesThis morning the Golden Filter released 3 different versions of a cover of Polly Scattergood’s forthcoming “Please Don’t Touch.”  All 3 versions are fabulous, and get this: the MP3s were released exclusively, one via Pitchfork Media, one via Gorilla vs Bear, and one via Stereogum.  Talk about knowing how to get a song to your target audience (by utilizing their taste-makers)!

Here are the 3 cover’s of Polly Scattergood’s “Please Don’t Touch.”  My favorite so far is the “vocal cover.”

MP3: Polly Scattergood “Please Don’t Touch” (the Golden Filter dub cover) (320kbps)

Mp3: Polly Scattergood “Please Don’t Touch” (the Golden Filter vocal cover) (320kbps)

MP3: Polly Scattergood “Please Don’t Touch” (the Golden Filter pop cover) (320kbps)

And here’s the Golden Filter’s drastically reworked cover of Peter, Bjorn, and John’s new “Lay it Down,” which – dare I say – made the song far more listenable.

Mp3: Peter, Bjorn, and John “Lay it Down” (the Golden Filter cover) (320kbps)

And finally, here’s the Golden Filter’s remix of Cut Copy’s “Far Away.”  I would have been a lot more excited if this song was a cover (with freshly recorded female vocals), but releasing an official Cut Copy remix was clearly a smart move.

Mp3: Cut Copy “Far Away” (the Golden Filter remix) (320kbps)

The Golden Filter have also officially covered Empire of the Sun, and Little Boots (something of a sexy cover song star herself), but I haven’t seen either of these tracks surface yet (if anyone does please let me know).

While the Golden Filter’s original music is certainly good so far, their covers seem to be drawing as much (or more) attention.  With a cover to original song ratio that might lead one to believe that the Golden Filter are destined to actually become a cover band, I can only wonder: are the Golden Filter clever enough to make cover bands cool (or are they actually going to release an original debut LP)?!


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