Obama Admin “in bed” with RIAA

commiepics_2_2_2[via Wired]

I know this file-sharing thing has been discussed and debated for a decade, and it’s kind of “all blogged out,” but it’s still depressing to hear that the likelihood of Obama supporting net-neutrality and a potential (and much needed) overhaul of copyright law is apparently diminishing by the day (just found out that two of Obama’s top lawyers are former RIAA lawyers).

Yesterday the Obama Administration expressed its support for the RIAA (I wonder if the RIAA expressed it’s support for the Obama Campaign via cash/money?).  The support condones suing for up to $150,000 USD in damages per copyright violation.  That’s $1500,000 per MP3!  So let’s say you have 10,000 MP3s that you’ve “downloaded illegally” (which is a fairly expectable quantity for a music fan with Internet access).  That means that the RIAA could theoretically sue you for about 1.5 billion dollars.  Awesome.  Especially considering that the future of the music industry is probably going to strongly coincide with the provision of free digital copies of songs; so the RIAA is basically just suing file-sharers for the time being, for fun + money.

At least us music fans can help support the RIAA/Big 4 through this “transitional period” in the music industry, thanks to the RIAA suing more than 30,000 individuals.  But I guess the RIAA sort of “gets” (not really?) that change is inevitable – and is currently lobbying for ISPs to eliminate Internet access to file-sharers, and provide more personal user information without court subpoenas.  Thankfully, the Big 4 usually hire technologically impaired prosecution that can’t seem to keep up with the administration at file-sharing communities/torrent trackers.

On top of “the fear of getting sued” file-sharers already have to deal with ISPs throttling bandwidth via the Ellacoya switch – which is seriously annoying/not really legal.  Maybe something like THIS will help?

Honestly though, I just want to listen to music, and share it with my friends (and pay to go see artists I enjoy perform live).  I thought Obama was supposed to understand my needs.  Does he actually still expect me to “hope for change” in the file-sharing world?


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