Iron Man + Metal Face = “Chinatown Wars” MP3


Few things are as exciting as DOOM/Ghostface collaborations.  A little while back I mentioned the Grand Theft Auto trailer that was scored by an original Ghostface/DOOM track.

Earlier this last week an MP3 surfaced of “Chinatown” in its entirety.  I know it’s been blogged about elsewhere, but it’s a good hip-hop track, and I’m on a DOOM binge right now thanks to his enjoyable new LP, Born Like This.

MP3: Ghostface Killah + Doom “Chinatown Wars” (128 kpbs)

You can get the official “Chinatown Wars” remix over here – but I much prefer the original.

And in case you’ve been ignoring hip-hop lately, Ghostface Killah rapped with Method Man on that excellent new track “Wu Ohh” from Raekwon’s forthcoming LP.  If you haven’t heard it yet get the MP3 here – it’s arguably my favorite hip-hop track so far in 2009.


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