The Flaming Lips “Borderline” (Madonna Cover) MP3 + Video


The Flaming Lips covered Madonna’s 1983 (the same year The Flaming Lips were formed) single “Borderline” – from her self titled debut LP – for a recently released Warner Bros covers compilation with a lovely title: Covered, A Revolution in Sound: Warner Bros Records (2009)

I haven’t listened to the whole compilation – actually “Borderline” is the only song I’ve checked out – but none of the other covers sounded particularly inviting, at least not to me.

Here’s The Flaming Lips contribution; which I’m really enjoying.

MP3: The Flaming Lips “Borderline” (Madonna Cover) (ft Stardeath & White Dwarfs) (207 kbps VBR)

And for comparisons sake, here’s the original version of Madonna’s “Borderline.” Hopefully Warner Bros doesn’t think that I’m “stealing potential profits” on this 26 year old single.

MP3: Madonna “Borderline” (Album Version) (251 kbps VBR)

I’ve heard some rumors that The Flaming Lips are going to go a little more psychedelic-rock on their forthcoming LP, and I’m really hoping that’s the truth because this Madonna cover is pretty psychedelic, and it sounds great.

Watch the video for The Flaming Lips “Borderline” exclusively at Amazon!  How cool is that?  Amazon/Warner totally ‘get’ the importance of being able to embed videos.

Here’s the original “Borderline” video… it’s too bad The Lips didn’t do a spoof of this video.

And finally you can listen to Duffy covering “Borderline”; it’s really great I promise.


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