Animal Crack Box… soon!

news-ac-box[via TinyMixTapes]

Limited Edition Animal Collective compilation of live and unreleased pre-Song Tungs material via ACs old label – Catsup Plate.  The first boxset is being auctioned off for charity and 100% of proceeds go to Doctors Without Borders.  The 1000 copies of the 3xLP set will be sold exclusively here.  Animal Collective had previously mentioned this forthcoming release in this interview.


I suspect that this release will be particularly exciting for crazy obsessive Animal Collective fans (now called Animal Crackers?); the type who have every Animal Collective/Panda Bear/Avey Tare release/bootleg and can actually listen to and enjoy the pre-Sung Tongs material.  I am terribly excited about the Animal Crack Box.


I wonder if the first copy will be purchased by a torrenter?  You know what would be a good?  Seeing as the Animal Crack Box will be digitized “illegally” regardless, why don’t a large group of Animal Collective fans/torrenters get together and raise a whole bunch of money for that first copy??? Everybody would win right?  Leave your contact info in the comments to this post if you’re interested in starting a group to raise money to purchase the first Animal Crack Box, and we’ll make sure it gets sent straight to the house of a legit vinyl ripper.


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