Mr. Oizo “Pourriture EP” (Uffie @ her best!)


Basically, Oizo has never really caught my attention; until now.  Something about this “Pourriture EP” is really pulling me in.  I think it’s the grimy Justice-eque dance beats that sound like they’re decaying right before my ears.  This description is fitting of course, being that “pourriture” is French for “rotting” or “decaying.”  Maybe my memory is decaying a bit, but I don’t remember Oizo sounding quite like this pre-Justice.

The order/arrangement of the 6 tracks makes this EP very listenable.  The highlight for me – without a doubt – is the “Steroids” remix featuring Uffie.  As far as I’m concerned this is Uffie at her best.  I always scratch and ponder “the true meaning of Uffie” everytime I feel like I’d rather hear her voice than see her nipples. Ususally I’m more likely to poke fun at her than to take her seriously – but when she lays down vocals for tracks like “Steroids” and “The Party” something magical starts to happen… she starts to sound less like a sexy scenester joke, and more like a legit indie MC.  I think it’s time for her to book a few months in the studio with Mr. Oizo and Justice to record a proper LP.  Hell, even a proper EP would be great.  I guess an Uffie LP/EP isn’t too likely to happen, although an Amanda Blank LP also seemed unlikely, and apparently 2009 is going to bring us just that.

I first heard Mr. Oizo’s “Steroids ft. Uffie” back in the fall of 2008.  The original version was totally forgetable, and indeed I forgot about it until now.  The remix hits WAY harder, faster, better, & stronger.  And that super annoying rapid fire hand clap from the original version is gone – thank fucking gawd.

Here’s the new version:

MP3: Mr. Oizo “Steroids” (Oizo Remix ft. Uffie)

Disclosure: I’m not really a Mr. Oizo expert, and I’m not really sure how many of the tracks on this EP are new, but I’m sure some of you Ed Banger-ophiles can tell me.


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