LaCinta is pretending 2 be @ SXSW

Instead of actually attending SXSW I am pretending to attend SXSW.  I can vicariously experience the extravaganza via Twitter/Pitchfork/other blogs, and then pass my experiences on to you.

Apparently Edward Droste (Grizzly Bear & Department of Eagles) met Robin Pecknold’s (Fleet Foxes) sister today… it’s totally crazy at SXSW; anything can happen.


The Golden Filter set today was bumping.  They’re scheduled to play 8! sets @ SXSW this year, and we’ll totally check them all out.  I think they played “Solid Gold” + the other tracks off their MySpace page.

3366465187_218466d4e3_o[Pic via Gorilla vs Bear]

MP3: The Golden Filer “Solid Gold” (Extended Version) (198kbps)

Beach House also had a pretty neat set.  When they played “Gila” I started to cry.

3367287602_70fab1c334_o[Pic via Gorilla vs Bear]

MP3: Beach House “Gila” (252kbps)

And finally we saw Anni Rossi’s set.


[Pic via Gorilla vs Bear]

MP3: Anni Rossi “Artic Swing” (263kbps)

What a day!  What a fantastic bunch of singing girls!

Stay tuned for more SXSW coverage via LaCinta via people who are actually there… like Amy Phillips at Pitchfork.



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