new Peaches makes me want to “Fuck the Pain Away”


Hearing the new Peaches single “I Feel Cream” and the new Peaches mixtape (via Drums of Death) makes me want to fuck the pain away.  Both because the new Peaches is so bad it makes me hurt, and because it makes me nostalgic for the Peaches who occasionally hit the mark.

You can stream “I Feel Cream” at Peaches MySpace page, and you can download the Drums of Death mixtape to preview other new Peaches tracks here.  I seriously couldn’t even come close to listening to the whole mixtape, but maybe you can.

Is it just me or does Peaches “I Feel Cream” sound terrible in kind of the same way as Calvin Harris’s new “I’m Not Alone“?


MP3: Peaches “Fuck the Pain Away”

Seeing as it’s St. Patrick’s Day maybe I should just drink the pain away instead of fucking the pain away. Here’s hoping I see some naked green girls today.

26[via Brooklyn Vegan via N.A.S.A who need “green girls” to help sell tickets for their very mediocre music]


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