A-Trak’s Fabriclive.45 has leaked; Raises critical queries about DJs

atrakfabricworthyQuestions about DJs:

How many people listen to DJs?

How many people are DJs/call themselves DJs?

How many people know more than ten DJs?

How many people have a favorite DJ?

How many people listen to techno/breaks/drum&base/glitch/donk/rave/electro/minimal/Top40/electronica/dancehall/other DJ music?

How many people listen to mixtapes?

How many people regularly discover new tracks/new bands via mixtapes?

How many people prefer DJs who release original music & just mix music for live shows (see MSTRKRT, Ricardo Villalobos, etc.)?

How many people prefer DJs who remix leaked MP3s for the blogosphere via adding intro + outro + kicks + snares + repeating lyrics + a digi-synth solo?

How many people prefer remixes by non-DJs like Thom Yorke & Air France?

Is “Veronica’s Veil” by Fan Death the most indie-DJ’d song of the 1st quarter of 2009?

Questions about Fabriclive:

How many people have been to the Fabric Nightclub in London?

How many people have all 45 Fabriclive mixes?

How many people think that the Justice “X-Mas” mixtape should have been/was/was not good enough for the Fabriclive series?

Questions about A-Trak:

How many people listen to A-Trak?

How many people get A-Trak mixed up with A-Skillz?

How many people think A-Trak has unfair indie-appeal via his bro being in Chromeo + DJing for Kanye West?

How many people saw/wish they saw A-Trak in NYC lastnight?

How many people follow A-Trak on Twitter?

8,650 people follow A-Trak on Twitter – this is the only question I can answer.

The Art of DJ Criticism:

I’m not sure I understand how to properly criticize a mixtape, because I feel like considering all the variables is really complicated… I already have personal music biases of lots of the songs/artists included in the mixtape, and some of the artists/songs I am unfamiliar with, so I don’t really know yet whether they are cool to me or not… and I would have to consider all the effects applied by the DJ – like scratching, and flangering, and siren-adding, and beat-matching, and mixing, and Daft Punk sampling – and their effects on the playlist… so confusing… like, is actually still cool to “throwback” and sample House of Pain’s “Jump Around”?

Fabriclive.45 Dilemna:

I don’t like a lot of the track choices on Fabriclive.45 – am I judging A-Trak too much on his taste in music and not enough on his DJing skills?  Or is this mixtape just a bunch of remixes mixed together?  Like a simple A-Trak live set??? Hard to tell how much he changes the traks…

DJ Marketing Scandal:

Does A-Trak’s broad range of songs on Fabriclive.45 portray his diverse taste in music, or is it just a music-marketing trick to make sure more people like his music? (Is this what all DJs do?)  On Fabriclive.45 I can relate to the songs “Heartbreaker (Diskjokke Remix) by Metronomy, “Veronica’s Veil (Erol Alkan’s Extended Re-Edit)” by Fan Death, and “Paris (Aeroplan Remix)” by Friendly Fires – does this mean A-Trak is louring me in via popular remixes for the indie-demographic?


Tell me, what do you think of A-Trak’s entry into the Fabriclive series?! Can you answer any of my other queries about DJs?


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One response to “A-Trak’s Fabriclive.45 has leaked; Raises critical queries about DJs

  1. Excellent way to talk about indie dj’s music or mixtapes. I’m from Mexico and in my country a lot of people used to idolise dj’s. I saw a crowd seeing Girl Talk like he were God, my little sister (she’s 16) and me said: Oh god, I only do that if Bowie’s playing in front of me. This guy just know how to use a software, that’s all. He doesn’t play any musical instrument.

    The Dj’ing it’s a kind of desease.

    Excuse my poor english. Greetings from Mexico.

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