Phoenix “Wolfgang Amadeus LP” Leaked; Make Up the Letdown?!

phoenix-wolfgang-leakedAfter first hearing the song “1901” – from Phoenix’s forthcoming Wolfgang Amadeus LP – I was pretty excited to see if the rest of the album stacked up, but my expectations were low.

After quickly skimming through the album my initial reaction is that it’s probably “mediocre but fun, with a couple highlights, a lot of boring moments, and almost too much crossover/radio appeal – like Hot Hot Heat circa 2002; enjoyable for a moment but totally forgettable, and eventually hate-able (due to terrible follow-up LPs via Warnes Bros Records).”

I’ll let you know if I change my mind after listening to the album more closely.

Oh, and it sounds like the leak is a low quality transcode, so once again everyone’s first listen to a new album will be with a low quality rip… yippee.

Here’s a decent quality copy of “1901”

MP3: Phoenix “1901”

I think “1901” is sort of the band career equivalent to Hot Hot Heats “Bandages” on Make Up the Breakdown (2002).

MP3: Hot Hot Heat “Bandages”

“1901” is definitetely a WAY better song – but I think the comparison is fair.


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