LaCinta is an “academic reference” & “indie music authority” on Wikipedia?!


Today is another one of those LaCinta Milestones; someone – presumably a self-proclaimed authority on Metric – has added LaCinta’s story on the Metric Fantasies leak as a reference to the Metric Fantasies Wikipedia page.  Woot!

The other three sites currently listed as references on the Fantasies LP page are Pitchfork Media, I<, and Rolling Stone; LaCinta is rolling with the big players/obsessive fans!

This might not sound that impressive to a seasoned blogophile, but to us, it’s just one more step towards complete blog legitimacy/authenticity.  Still waiting for someone to make a Wiki Page on LaCinta though…

What is more Wiki-cool?

1. Having a Wiki Page written about you/your brand

2. Writing a Wiki Page about your favorite band/anime

3. Being used as a Wiki Reference

4. Writing a Wiki Page about yourself/your band

5. “Flagging” bad facts on a Wiki Page

6. Arguing with your Prof about why using Wiki as a reference is OK

7. JK changing a Wiki Page for fun


[via Google Image/probably not public domain]


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