Metric “Fantasies LP” Leaked; jocks to take their ball caps off and “get indie”

To all of you nice people who pre-ordered the digital copy of Metric’s new Fantasies (2009), it just leaked.  I’m sure Metric thanks you for the support and all, but I guess you won’t be the first people to hear the album.  Although if you’re really lucky you’ll be the first to receive the .flac copy of the album, and the “limited edition” copy of the song “Waves.”

For some insane reason – maybe Metric doesn’t believe in promotion via album cover jpegs? – I couldn’t find a copy of the new Metric album cover.  According to Metric’s MySpace page the album cover is going to look sort of like this:

metricfantasiesleaked1Although presumably the real album cover will use a real picture of a light bulb (not a drawing via Google Image), a more unique text than Comic Sans, and won’t say “LEAKED” across it in red capitalized Helvetica.

Oh, and to back up the article title here’s an exert from a recent interview Pitchfork had with Emily & James of Metric:

Pitchfork: In the last song on the album, “Stadium Love“, lyrics like “spider versus bat” propose Animal Planet-style face-offs. In that spirit, who would you want to win in a battle between, say, a dog and a cat?

JS: I’d like to see a cat get a dog in a headlock. Like Garfield and Snoopy going at it. Then again, I’d feel bad for Snoopy.

EH: Yeah, I was with you before you said Snoopy.

Pitchfork: Snoopy’s a very sympathetic character.

EH: Of course, I’m going to take this opportunity to tell you about the incredible depth of those lyrics! The visual came from Jesus in the desert, as if I saw what he would see. It was not just that the animal world is going insane. It’s that all the spectators are betting on the results and they’re also engaged in their own altercations. The line of spectator and participant is completely blurred.

JS: I think they call that a fuck down…

EH: …or a stock market. Actually, the NHL already requested to use it during games. I think I said yes, by the way.

JS: Really?

EH: Well, they use “Song 2” by Blur.

JS: Yeah, but see what happened to Blur’s audience?! We gotta keep the ball caps to a minimum.

EH: I’ve never seen a ball cap at a Metric show. They take their ball caps off. They know.

I don’t know about you guys, but I think big festivals are probably not the best place to see Metric live.  I do have to commend Metric though, for self-releasing Fantasies in USA, and sticking with indie labels in Mexico and Canada; they could have gone Big 5 if they wanted to.

I’m sure we’ll start to see MP3’s/remixes of tracks from Fantasies all across the blogosphere any moment now… enjoy.

PS: I get way more hits if I include the word “torrent” in my posts, so here it is: torrent torrent torrent torrent torrent… thanks for the traffic via “Metric torrent”!


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