wild Grizzly Bear captured (via audio/video)


Sorry for missing a couple days of posts my friends – I’ve been “out in the wilderness where internet cannot exist unless you bring satellite dishes.”

But while I was out there I did some nature walks, and on one of these nature walks I had a chance encounter with a Grizzly Bear family.

The family seemed to be very calm yet passionate in their natural environment.  Quietly I watched and listened as the Grizzly Bear family sang a beautiful song with accompaniment from the full orchestra of animals that surrounded them. Fortunately I had my “stealth camera” with me to capture the moment without being noticed/scaring the Grizzly Bear family away.

This song is a never seen/released before tune, and I’ll probably win an award for being the first/not being the first to capture it.

Grizzly Bear calls it “Ready, Able” and it will appear on the forthcoming Veckatimest LP.

They also sang a song that I’ve seen/haven’t seen on National Geographic World Music before – it was called “Colorado.”

Should I do a segment on this Grizzly Bear family for my forthcoming Indie Planet Earch documentary series?!  I’m almost done my segments on the Panda Bear and the Caribou.


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