Grizzly Bear ‘Veckatimest’ Leaked, Already?! Ed Droste Responds


Wow, I really hope Grizzly Bear decides to release Veckatimest a lot sooner than May 26th now.  While I imagine vinyl LP sales will be unaffected by such an early leak, digital sales may suffer… maybe?! (I sort of doubt it actually).

Rumor has it that the leak may not be the best quality rip (a transcode), so anyone with a hint of audiophile in them will likely upgrade later – whether it be by legitimate purchase or, ummm, other means (torrenting the official release).

Edward Droste, of Grizzly Bear, Tweets:


And receives some @replies:



I vote that bands need to start leaking their own albums so that people don’t needlessly spend 3 months listening to a sub-par rip.  I mean sure, people could just wait and not listen to the leak, but how many people – regardless of guilty feelings – are actually going to hold out?

I mean seriously, are you going to download the leak???

PS: Is this where I’m supposed to leak individual MP3’s and link them to Hype Machine so that people can download the album song by song tomorrow???


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