Carles is The Usual Supect


Carles is Keyser Soze.

As commented on a previous post, today’s Hipster Runoff  “hack update” contained a screenshot of HRO’s Twitter with the trash can icon visible – which as Twitterers know, is only viewable when you are logged in to your own account.


Unless we are to believe that “hackster” hacked into HRO’s Twitter too – which I don’t – this case is closed.

Regardless of how many other clues there were (see – tagging the hack posts, keeping ads actives, leaving the site unscathed, hack-posting in Carles style, Linkin Park/Fight Club/Hackers references, etc), the story of Hackster Runoff may have ended a bit more gracefully were it not for Carles forgetting to log out of his Twitter.

Good try Carles, I respect your creation of the Hackster Runoff meme.

Now the question remains: what will Carles do next?!


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One response to “Carles is The Usual Supect

  1. jake

    Damn you!
    I promised myself I’d never read HRO again, now my brain hurts.

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