HRO Update: Hacked or Hoaxed?!

Q: What do you get when you mix Brad Pitt (aka Tyler Durden), with Linkin Park, lemmings, and Hackers (1995)?!

A: Hackster Runoff meme 2009.

This cheesy attempt at a world changing video is the latest “hack post” at HRO.

Can’t believe Linkin Park soundtracks the video.  Carles was Tweeting about this band last week, saying that “Linkin Park is easily the best band of the 00s”

Carles also said in a recent interview with The Village Voice that:

I have a few projects that I am interested in to try to keep my life “meaning something,” since “looking forward to something” and “accomplishing artistic goals” keeps me “going.” I think in the next few months, I will have my debut EP.”

Is hack meme ’09 one of Carles’ “artistic goals”?

Is Carles and/or the hacker on the verge of changing the world via message in a Vimeo:

“if you really want to learn about philosophy and consumeristic ideas, watch and READ the book FIGHT CLUB”

Either said hacker is super lame, or Carles is doing a good impersonation of a super lame hacker.

What’s super entertaining though is that this anti-consumeristic “hacker” is using imagery from 20th Century Fox’s adaptation of Chuck Palahniuk’s book, and music from Warner Bros artist Linkin Park to get his anti-consumer message across.  That’s seriously almost too much irony for this hack meme to be “real” or “taken seriously.”

Here’s our previous news update to the HRO Hack Meme ’09.

Take the HRO Hack/Hoax poll here.



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4 responses to “HRO Update: Hacked or Hoaxed?!

  1. Rose

    I think it would be kinda killing his blog himself, which is not really coherent/conceivable. But this supposedly hacker is so lame that we can wonder if he’s actually real. He’s like so primitive in his tastes. Linkin Park? Come on…

  2. Kaiser Soze was logged in his twitter that day :: u can see via trashcan icon (only accessible when ur logged in).

    Hackster is a Bro :: Case closed

  3. lacinta

    Keyser Soze is indeed a bro.

    Carles is The Usual Suspect

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