Hipster Runoff Hacked/Not Hacked


Hipster Runoff (HRO) has either been hacked, or Carles (the blogger) has staged a hoax.

Either way,  hundreds/thousands of HRO tweens are currently confused, frustrated, and searching for meaning/answers.

If you’re interested you might find the situation interesting:

HRO hack post.

HRO Twitter.

You can take it from there.  You are a Private Investigator now (but this is probably a case best left for Veronica Mars).


This all reminds of that time (a couple days ago) that  Star’s MySpace page got hacked in order to make fun of Ben Folds.  Hmmmmm…. inspiration… or coincidence?!

But honestly, the real question is: who would dis Ben Folds?!  Ben Folds is the man behind William Shatner’s Has Been (2004), and when the captain of a starship releases a phenomenal album, the producer of the album is to be granted freedom from insult, forever.


Take the HRO Hack/Hoax poll here to express your opinion.


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