Air France remix Friendly Fires “Skeleton Boy”


The Friendly Fires are one of the only bands I can think of that are open minded enough to allow stellar producers to completely! overhaul their tracks.  I’m not in a band, but I can only imagine that really letting go and letting someone fix your songs is probably rather difficult.

It’s too bad more bands don’t do it though – can you imagine how brilliant and free the musical sound-scape would be if groups like Air France remixed every song?  Maybe Air France could even figure out a way to fix the new MSTRKRFT album?!

This Air France remix of “Skeleton Boy” sounds a lot like Air France, which is very much a good thing:

MP3: Friendly Fires – Skeleton Boy (Air France Remix)

This mix might not be quite as instantly gratifying as the Aeoplane remix of Friendly Fires’ “Paris” – but it’s certainly gorgeous, and guaranteed to make the history books as a classic remix.

Pitchfork Media just interviewed Air France, and it’s worth a read.  To summarize the Air France interview: it seems that the group are self aware and pretentious enough to ensure more amazing music/remixes to come; however, their pretenses and ideals are almost sure to keep them below the poverty line forever, via not selling out.


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