Yeah Yeah Yeahs Disappoint Me, Again


The new Yeah Yeah Yeahs song “Zero” is streaming over at iMeem, but here’s a link to the song emeded at Stereogum (might as well give a blog the traffic).

Here’s my Yeah Yeah Yeahs breakdown:

Fever To Tell (2003) was phenomenal. Seriously heart that album (even still).

Show Your Bones (2006) was WAY TOO POLISHED & BORING.  It wasn’t bad, but it lacked all the energy and thrill of Fever To Tell, and I mean why would you want to hear Karen O doing anything but orgasming out her mouth?!

Is Is EP (2007) gave me hope.  It was WAY BETTER than Show Your Bones.  I loved the opening track “Rocker to Swallow” and the rest was pretty solid too.

Now the new single “Zero” from the forthcoming album It’s Blitz! (2009) is well, a little mundane.  It sounds like Karen’s voice is wanting to get all freaky and orgasmic, but it’s just not getting there.  And the music to accompany it just really isn’t all that exciting.  Definitely not at all what I was hoping for.  Super disappointed right now.  Really really really hoping that the album as a whole is better, but I have my doubts.

On a side note: Hate being critical of bands.  Wish my my ears just liked what I told them to like, so that my current favorite bands didn’t represent the early adopter stage of the new indie music graph; really want to heart bands for more than just their debut and/or sophomore album.

There’s still a few bands releasing consistently good music, see Animal Collective, and Radiohead + Beck + The Flaming Lips (for the most part), and hopefully! the new Grizzly Bear album is fabulous. Hint: The new Beirut EPs WILL DISSAPPOINT YOU.



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2 responses to “Yeah Yeah Yeahs Disappoint Me, Again

  1. Yes! I always thought fever to tell was far superior… ‘mundane’ is being generous, kinda reminds me of meatloaf… or maybe U2? you’ll have to excuse me I’m feelin extra bitter this morning.

  2. lacinta

    Hahaha. That is not being bitter. We are supposed to make fun of Karen O when she’s not being awesome.

    For example:

    Pitchfork gave the N.A.S.A album a 1.6 out of 10 this morning. That’s dissing David Byrne, Chuck D, Method Man, Tom Waits, Kool Keith, Kanye West, Santigold, Karen O, Lykke Li, George Clinton, the Cool Kids, Ghostface Killah, and Scarface all at once.

    I have to agree though, The Spirit of Apollo is a terrible album, and it’s nice to see other people agreeing.

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