LaCinta Milestone

bbbtp2[Pic via somewhere on the interweb]

LaCinta is currently listed as the 3rd fastest growing blog on WordPress.

Thanks for your support and all, but you bastards never comment.  I don’t look like a legit blog without hundreds of comments on every post, and I’m real concerned about my blog-cred.

Here’s a chance to comment:

What new marketing ploy should I introduce to LaCinta in order take the #1 spot of fastest growing blog on the interweb?

1) Write more about my feelings, like Kanye’s blog.

2) Reinstate Hippy Tits (previously failed LaCinta column)


3) Look more like Perez Hilton.


4) Violate the DMCA more.

5) Spam comments sections and forum boards across the internet with links to LaCinta, like that Dbag-blogger at Hipster Wave.

6) Complain about celebrities & talk about boobies – like WWTDD.

7) Make fake news (like The Onion & The Spoof).  Did you know that “Miley Ray Cyrus Nude” is the most searched term on Google?


8 ) Interview VIPs, like Baby-Faced-Daddy-Boy

9) Learn CSS, Flash, or HTML and make LaCinta look more legit.

10) Stop blogging and just Twitter all my thoughts instead.

What do you think?  Who should LaCinta be?



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3 responses to “LaCinta Milestone

  1. PF

    i think you should just keep tagging stuff like myley ray cyrus nude to poach blog hits

  2. Carmella

    I find it utterly disgusting that internet blog artists or whatever think it’s OK to post this kind of material. What I find even worse is when they allow their imagination to edit photos of 16 year old girls to look more provocative and unpure in nature than they actually are. I hope your jerkoffs don’t include this disgusting artists rendition of a CHILD. Whether or not it’s censored this is pornography and is being duly reported.

  3. Holler. 😉 We love you.

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