Jesse Keeler Responds to MSTRKRT ‘Fist of God’ Leak & Admits to Torrenting, OMG


So as is the norm with most albums these days, MSTRKRT’s ‘Fist of God’ has now officially leaked.

Here’s what Jesse had to say about it last night:

hey guys… pause. erol is cool. that dude invited dfa79 to play on HIS BALCONY and i guess his neighbours shut it down before it happened. i dont know about his msg board but im sure those dudes are just like the shelbyville to your springfield. england is just on their own shit and its rad. they have totally different roots in this shit than we do and personally i like it alot. this scene is still too small to waste time with shit like that.

and no it had nothing to do with erol or their forum. we’re gonna find out who is responsible and take care of it our way. dont worry. i got a hunch about it.

and since this is my first public posting about it… i just wanna say that all the blogs who got it have been amazing. they tracked me down on facebook and saw that my email was something else… told me about the leak and i left it up to them to do what they felt was right. they have all be rad. someone (not going to say his name but you know who im talking about) thought they should email the link around? wow. anyway the link is gone but obviously the moment we sent out the first promo, the potential for this to happen has been there. its amazing that it survived this long (since september) without some bullshit like this happening. just wanna say thanks to the blog people… aaron from missingtoof in particular… for helping us out with this. we will take care of you in return for this. thats my word.

besides that, glad you like the record. we dont make music so we can hide it away in an ivory tower.. we made that record for you and hopefully we can get all sorts of people who would never listen to this shit into it. youre right, its half club/half not. it was an experiment for us and it was a learning experience making it. i hope you can all hear it in full so it makes more sense. any one of the songs on their own wont get the point across. i want to trick people who would never listen to electro into loving it. people like you on the msg board already get it so some of this record might not feel like its for you… but please understand that its for your friends who think you listen to weird gay euro music… know what im sayin? hahaha

im tired from this shit. i found out about the leak last night at 10:30 PT from my friend ysa in rochester. she got the email and was weirded out cause i had given her one of the songs in demo form many months ago… so when she downloaded it, she knew it was legit and told me about it. its been all leak-talk ever since… well not including the time i spent at cinespace last night with two bottles of crown. i forgot all about it. hahaha. anyway we had planned a release of more than what got leaked… stuff you all asked for and will make you very happy. anyone who just gets this isnt gettin the whole package. oh well. i downloaded human after all and the justice album and got the physical product afterwards. im downloading a diana ross and supremes discography torrent while im typing this.

ill stop rambling. more to come…

j f k

So to recap:

1. The leak is legit (and I believe it’s 320kbps too)

2. The physical release of the album will likely feature additional songs.

3. Missing Toof, and some other bloggers, didn’t leak the album even though they could have.  In fact they tried to help prevent the leak.

and so:

4. Jesse is going to “take care of [the blogger]s in return”

5. The demo of the album has been floating around since September, and it didn’t get leaked until February… that is AMAZING.

6. Jesse says “we’re gonna find out who is responsible and take care of it our way. dont worry. i got a hunch about it.” Vigilante justice!!! That could be a theme for a new MSTRKRFT duet, torrent leaker vs. MSTRKRFT:  “Find it, load it, rip it, tag it, upload it, seed it, improve my ratio.  Find who do it, send ’em Mac viruses…” OK you get the idea anyways.

7. Jesse is downloading Diana Ross and Supremes’ disccographies as we speak (presumably from a public tracker, ie. The Pirate Bay).

8. Jesse has also downloaded Justice and Daft Punk leaks in the past, and bought the physical release at a later date.  Which means that Jesse might share my philosophy that you should be able to listen to entire albums before purchasing them.

I wonder if Jesse admitting that he torrents music is going to result in the same kind of incident as happened a while back when Yacht admitted to stealing software.  Let’s expect a totally unnecessary lawsuit from Ross’s and Supreme’s labels. (Good thing Jesse lives in Canada though eh?  Probably get sentenced to spending a night outside his igloo.)

And here’s some pictures from a MSTRKRFT show I attended in December.


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One response to “Jesse Keeler Responds to MSTRKRT ‘Fist of God’ Leak & Admits to Torrenting, OMG

  1. Dona

    I smiled at this:

    ““Find it, load it, rip it, tag it, upload it, seed it, improve my ratio. Find who do it, send ‘em Mac viruses…”

    I also follow the philosophy in #8? Have you heard the album? If so, what do you think of it?

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