Live Nation & Ticketmaster might merge…


..and I thought it was bad enough when TicketMaster acquired TicketExchage.

Here’s the most recent update on the possible merger.

Can’t wait till The Big 4 Record Labels merge with Live Nation Ticketmaster + MySpace + Facebook + Madonna + Amazon + iTunes + All Music + + Miley Cyrus + YouTube + Napster + Best Buy + Future Shop + Jay-Z + Josh Schwartz + Rolling Stone

..and then Pitchfork Media decides to merge with The Bloggers + Insound + Radiohead + TMT + The Hype Machine +  Animal Collective + Muxtape + The Torrent Trackers + Sonic Youth + + I ❤ Music

Or will Google and Apple and Facebook decide to team up with team indie?

And who will get Twitter & Wikipedia ???


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One response to “Live Nation & Ticketmaster might merge…

  1. lacinta

    Whoa! New LaCinta record: beat Pitchfork to important music news story by 6 days. Just had to brag a little..

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