The Pitchforker’s got all twitterpated upon discovering Twitter recently, and today they released a half-assed Guide To Musicians on Twitter.

Gossip time:

In this guide the Pitchforker’s stated, in regards to Colin Meloy’s Twitter account:

“Worth Following? Tough for us to not read each post in Meloy’s super-nerd singing voice. A deal breaker.”

Don’t you imagine most of the Pitchforker’s voices to be pretty super-nerdy too?

And THEN, Colin Meloy Tweeted these words:

“ouch! is there some sort of memo going out to the spotty interns at pitchfork to snark my band?  We used to be such BFFs!”

AND THEN, Colin Meloy Tweeted these words:


Them be fighting words!

While HRO worries about the Electro-Wars, I’m going to start training for the Indie-Nerd Wars.

Since it’s going to be really hard to differentiate who is on who’s side, I think everyone on The Decemberists side should dress like mariner’s/mariner’s hookers (circa Picaresque), and everyone on the Pitchforker’s side should dress like that really dorky and awkward guy that interviews bands on Pitchfork.tv (see the Jamie Liddel or Jay Reatard interviews)

I’ll be back in the next 1 to 24 hours with a follow up post about some of the musicians/bloggers/etc. that I follow on Twitter, because Pitchfork’s list was, as I mentioned, a little half-assed.

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