Lykkie Li “Tonight”: New Live Video (via Alanis Morissette?)

“Tonight” is one of the extra tracks on the UK release of Youth Novels (2008)  – if you haven’t heard Youth Novels yet, it’s awesome.

In a blogpost this morning, Lykke Li says:

You might have noticed I got the nature fever. So I felt a great need to peel of all that is unnecessary and live in the moment and take away the possibility to correct my mistakes. So here is a one take totally live “take it or leave it I will survive take” of my song “Tonight”. It might be gone tomorrow so if you like it spread it on the world wide web thing where you kids hang… Check it here:

Wonder what she means by “it might be gone tomorrow” – maybe her label doesn’t approve of it???

This video is like the really good (and live) version of this really bad Alanis Morissette video that I remember.  Not the dreadful one where she gets naked though.

Was this Alanis’s “disenfranchised with the music industry” video?  The best parts are where Alanis stops lip-sinking all together (which is one of Alanis’s long lasting marketing gimmicks).  The video was called “revolutionary” because it only cost like $4 to make (the cost of the tape):

This video was so hard to find (sorry about the sweet Spanish subtitles).  I’m so stressed after digging through dozens of YouTube fan videos.  HATE FAN VIDEOS PLEASE STOP RECORDING YOURSELF SINGING SOMEONE ELSES SONGS.



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2 responses to “Lykkie Li “Tonight”: New Live Video (via Alanis Morissette?)

  1. Jessica

    I CANT FIND OUT ANY INFO ON HER!! GRR when will she tour in the US? I ❤ her

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