V-Day. Will You Be Mine ??? (Apply Below)


Comic via XKCD.  Adapted for LaCinta via My Fantasies

I know it’s still a few weeks away, but I’m guessing stores are going to go all Valentine’s in the next couple days.

And this year, I think I want to be prepared.  In the past, I always let this holiday sneak up on me –  shit goes wrong.

But this year I’ll be ready.

I’m thinking about making Fever Ray’s “If I Had a Heart” my theme song for Valentine’s Day:

Is that too melancholy?

Maybe I should go more mainstream and make my Valentine’s Day theme song Kanye’s  “Love Lockdown”

Anyways, I’ve got something else to figure out: who’s going to be my Valentine???

If my Valentine is a really cool girl I’m going to get her Valentine themed kicks:


But if she’s not very cool I’m just going to get her some cheap Canadian wine:


But if she’s really really cool I’ll get her BOTH the kicks and the wine!

What if I don’t find a really really cool Valentine’s girl to be mine???

If I was a girl I’d just declare it Vagina Day (as some girls do) and just focus on my favorite vaginas.  But for some reason, Valentine’s Day does not equal Vagina Day if you are a boy.  It’s fucked, I know.

If I was Charly-cinta…??? (she’s a regular LaCinta reader) I would probably just declare February 14th as Singles Awareness Day… but I don’t like the sounds of that.

So, if you think you might want to be my Valentine leave a comment below (with your real email in the private email blank), and I’ll arrange an MSN/webcam/email interview.



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2 responses to “V-Day. Will You Be Mine ??? (Apply Below)

  1. Twin#2

    I believe I remember getting a pretty sweet ass Valentine’s Day comic book one year. Was that the product of an ill-preparedness or preparedness?

  2. lacinta

    I think you are the luckiest Valentine I’ve ever had. I must have been prepared for it that year, ’cause it probably took me a couple of weeks of not paying attention in class to get a whole comic book made.

    Seeing as this is going to be my second well prepared V-Day you should set me up with a pretty/innocent Catholic girl from your hometown. Either that, or if Twin #1 isn’t doing anything on the 14th…. hehehehehe.

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