Cyndi Lauper vs. Kleerup



Which do you prefer?  The original collaboration that appeared on Lauper’s Bring Ya To the Brink (2008)?

MP3: Cyndi Lauper – Lay Me Down

Or the “Thank You For Nothing” (not letting me use your vocals on my album) version that appeared a couple months later on Kleerup’s debut solo release?

MP3: Kleerup – Thank You For Nothing

I was excited that I discovered this on my own, but of course when I turned to Kleerup’s Wikipedia page it was outlined for me.  Fucking internet stealing my thunder.

I would like to think that if Kleerup wasn’t allowed to use Cyndi Lauper’s vocals on his album that it was due to Cyndi’s record label Epic, and not because my ex-pop-heartthrob has matured into some sort of jerk.

Regardless, Kleerup’s album is one of my favorites of 2008, and Cyndi’s… well, not so much.


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