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What is happening in the blogosphere today?

There’s those interesting recent newsbits over at Pitchfork about M.I.A. getting nominated for an Oscar and getting all witty with the press, Animal Collective getting “ill” and canceling a show, Kanye West denying that he’s going to shoot a bisexual porno with Blackzilla, and The Black Lips getting hit by bottles at India shows.  But that’s all already been reported on.

Nyctaper posted the Bowery Ballroom Animal Collective set, but he already had added the link to the comments on yesterday’s post (and it looks like his server has crashed again).

I was going to post the “Comfy in Nautica” live cut from the other night, but I just noticed that Gorilla vs. Bear posted it already.

Bought my tickets to Animal Collective in Vancouver early this morning.  Never really enjoy buying tickets from Ticket Master.

Laughed a bunch when I noticed the Ask Jeph section in the Questionable Content forums… man people have a lot of time to waste online (hehehe).  But honestly, I can’t much relate to being a part of the majority of forum discussions (but I’m certainly glad that other people are into it).

Had a brief moment of excitement when I realized that “the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has cleared the way for the first trial to see if human embryonic stem cells can treat people safely”

Got a little annoyed when I heard that the Apple Store guy was trying to charge my little sister $200 to install Microsoft Word on the new MacBook she’s purchasing.

The One Week Only Kraftwerk film started streaming at Pitchfork.tv – but I never seem to get around to watching those films.

Installed iWork on my iMac just to see if there really still are word processing incompatibility issues between Windows and Mac OS… and the results are “no not really, you just have to make sure you save/export the documents properly”

There’s also that new video (that’s actually pretty awesome) over at My Animal Home, and right here:

I presume this must have been a hit over at Hype Machine, but this Animal Collective remix is pretty cool:

MP3: Ratatat – Mirando (Animal Collective Remix)

And I’ve been listening to a huge list of remixes all morning, and so far only a few are really worth posting.  I just never really enjoy remixes.  I usually download a bunch of them, and don’t listen to them for awhile, and then I end up with a folder full of remixes that I’ve never heard.  And then I dread going through the folder and separating the good from the bad.

I also have to keep in mind that what I would actually listen to on my own, and what I would play in a DJ set are often different (which is sort of weird, I think). I just only ever listen to complete albums on my own time.

FYI: Most of the MP3s in this post have been posted somewhere else in the blogosphere prior to this, so if you’re a keener you might already have them.

These two songs were in my remix playlist this morning, and I enjoy them, but neither of them are actually remixes.

Pt. I is a little cheesy with the prevalent and heavily vocoded vocals, and Pt. II is a little easier to digest (at least for me).

MP3: Damn Arms – Destination Pt. I

MP3: Damn Arms – Destination Pt. II

This Lily Allen remix is OK I guess:

MP3: Lily Allen – The Fear (Death Metal Disco Scene Remix)

UPDATE: Song removed by request.  Really?

This remix of Empire of The Sun’s “Walking on a Dream” is decent, in a drum & bassy kind of way, but the intro is sort of annoying:

MP3: Empire of The Sun – Walking On a Dream (Kaskade Club Remix)

This YouTube video of Arcade Fire covering “Born in the USA” at the Obama Staff Ball has been circulating for a few days, but it’s worth checking out if you haven’t seen it already:

This story surfaced a while ago.  I had a really good laugh back during the Embarrassing Moment Comment Contest (where the most embarrassing moment was how few people commented) when “notpietur” explained that:

“this one time i heard this really cool band. listened to it a couple times over, felt like i could really connect with the powerful male vocals, then when i read more into this new great band i realized it was actually ryan gosling singing. embarassing.

well not really i guess, so long as you picture yourself on breaker high instead of dwelling on the memory of that depressing time in your life when that girl got you to watch the notebook with her and you still didn’t get any action from her after it.”

song: http://www.mediafire.com/?nzilnjgo1zy

He’s got a good point though, Dead Man’s Bones sounds pretty decent thus far, and the fact that it is Ryan Gosling singing is, well, really weird.

MP3: Dead Mans Bones – In- The Room Where You Sleep (live version)

This DMB’s video is kind of neat:

Read the recent Pitchfork story on Dead Man’s Bones if you’re interested – it’s actually fairly entertaining.

If you haven’t heard this Arcade Fire song from their Miroir Noir documentary then here it is (the free download link from their site has been taken down):

MP3: Arcade Fire – Burning Bridges

This Weird Tapes remix is awesome, not surprisingly:

MP3: Faux Fox -Personal Best (Weird Tapes Version)

This Juan Maclean remix is good, in a “this is background remix music” kind of way. Basically, not very exciting, but still pretty decent at the same time:

MP3: The Twelves – Be My Crush (The Juan Macleans Remix)

Oh, and this new Royksopp single “Happy Up Here” is really enjoyable, but it just came out so I’m not sure if I should post it or not… so you can stream it here.

OK.  And to end this giant post off is a really bad ass story:

The suite Obama wore during the innauguration speech was bullet proof.


It was designed by “fashion forward” bullet proof designer Miguel something, and last year VBS.tv interviewed Miguel. He shoots all his employees before their first shift, and is thinking about opening bullet proof fashion boutiques all around the world.



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