Animal Collective Live Set: MP3 & FLAC Downloads via Nyctaper


Nyctaper has been garnering some much deserved attention lately; partially due to Pitchfork’s recent plug, and largely because of his excellent recording of Animal Collective’s show last Tuesday at the Manhattan Center Grand Ballroom.

Here are two particularly interesting live songs from the set:

MP3: Animal Collective – Leaf House (live & reworked)

MP3: Animal Collective – Blue Sky (live & unreleased)

Perhaps “Blue Sky” is one of the yet to be released B-Sides from the Merriweather Post Pavilion recordings?

Also included in the set are “Summertime Clothes” “Fireworks” “My Girls” “Brothersport” and more.

Download the entire live set at (one of the best sites for live bootlegs), and it looks like Nyctaper’s site just came back online (it had crashed due to overcapacity) and you can get the entire set (and more) there.

Files available in MP3 VBR, and in FLAC.

As the songs are broken down into individual files.  You can use the very helpful and quick Download Them All plug-in for Firefox to download all the files at once (unless, for whatever reason, you are using Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera, Chrome, etc.)


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  1. Bowery set is now up at nyctaper and the site is stable:

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