WTFMSTRKT: Holy Legs and Asses Batman!

Maybe my self taught Photoshop skills do make me employable… !!!???


No wonder Sebastian couldn’t handle being around Jesse (RIP DFA1979).

If this isn’t just a joke designed to go viral, then I’m really glad I consume the majority of my music digitally and can completely evade looking at album covers.

Also, I have a sneaking suspicion that the writers at Pitchfork Land are going to continue with their traditional hate-on towards MSTRKRFT.  My evidence: a recent newspost calling MSTRKT “willfully obnoxious dance-rockers” and asking “how this second-rate Justice got Ghostface, Freeway, John Legend, N.O.R.E., E-40, and Lil’ Mo to guest on their album.”

Anyways, I’m still excited to hear the new MSTRKT, and I’m extra excited that Ghostface is going to make an appearance – ’cause I like Ghostface.

UPDATE: I did not make this album cover, it’s apparently the actual album cover for MSTRKRT’s new album.


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