WTFing Hole in the Wall !?

I don’t really get out into the real world much. I did for a few minutes this evening and caught a glimpse of this TV show called “Hole in the Wall”

At first I thought it was something a FOX CEO dreamed up while sticking his _________ in a __________ (kind of like Alec Baldwin inspiration on 30 Rock, but worse), but then I discovered that the show has actually been airing in Japan/UK/etc for some time now.

Apparently Hole in the Wall is a big phenomenon, and with a catch phrase like “face the hole!” I mean why the hell not, eh?

The announcer explains to you at the start of each episode that the game is great because it’s so simple.

Hmmmm…. like Go Fish?

The American version appeared to be very American, with a team called “Hometown Hotties” and the opposing team called “Gyrating Gents”… wow.

It looks like the American version is working on sex appeal (the female ex-model floor hostess turned to a female contestant and proclaimed “you’re even sexier when your wet!”), while the Japanese version seems to be more focused on good old slapstick humor:

I don’t get British entertainment so I can’t tell you what that version of Hole in the Wall is like.

I bet HITW is going to reverse the econo-depression.

Also, I’m pitching an idea to the CBC for the Canadian TV Show “Hole in the Igloo” – where Igloos with missing ice blocks come towards you, and if you don’t make it through them you get pushed into the arctic ocean and chased by starving polar bears.

If CBC doesn’t pick it up, I’m thinking about making a casting video submission for Hole in the Wall. My life would be more complete if I got to spend a night on national television.

Might model my video after this guy’s submission for Survivor. I imagine he made it onto on the show:

I just want to be part of an intellectual, phenomenal, entertaining show that gives me the chance to win taxable money and make my national television debut.



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6 responses to “WTFing Hole in the Wall !?

  1. Ashli

    You sir, are a delight. I am loving this blog.

  2. lacinta

    Oh well gosh I’m blushing now. Invite all your friends! LaCinta is set to slowly turn into Indie Friend Finder, and when it does having attractive/young/intellectual/wealthy readers is really going to pay off – you’ll all want to be a part of it.

  3. lol

    indie this. hipster that .
    you wish you where in the scene
    fuck your shit
    this shit be old news cracker

  4. lol

    /myspace wanna be

  5. lacinta

    Right… ’cause I don’t actually listen to indie music…???

    Still waiting for Commenting 77.0 when readers actually:

    a) read the article AND get the article
    b) make a comment relevant to the article
    c) make sense
    d) use grammar
    e) avoid saying really lame things like “this shit be old news cracker” (nobody wants to be in a scene with that guy)
    f) realize that LaCinta happily embraces “old news” ’cause only liars/scenesters (“what, you don’t know already?”) pretend that they heard all the news the first time around
    g) are not allowed to comment anonymously… I bet people would think twice about publishing lame comments if the comments could forever be tied to their name/reputation

    Oh how I wish I could track all the comments from a lame commenter and send them an email with the hundreds of totally lame comments they’ve made over the years.

  6. Mr D-bag

    hmmm… I’m inclined to side with lol on this one.

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