Make Out Club vs. Indie Friend Finder


Did somebody beat me to the Indie Friend Finder idea!?

Anyone ever used Make Out Club before???

It’s littered in Indie Click and American Apparel banners.

Looks like a lot of the girls are underage though.  I hear this is common for online dating services.  Did you enter the online dating world before you were 18?

What is the underlying motivation for minors to online date?  Is it because in their real world nobody gets them?  Or do they want to find someone cool in New York to runaway to?  Or is it just a fun way to spend your Friday nights?  I suppose it’s just a safe semi-sexual way to express yourself before your ass fills out.

Anyways, kind of bummed that someone has tried this indie online dating service before, but I have a feeling there’s still a niche for me.

What do you think, should I join Make Out Club and message Gnawonyourbones???  She is listed as “in a relationship” and “just looking for friends” – maybe that’s a good way to get into the alternative online dating world.  Just stick my little toe into a platonic relationship, and work upwards from there.


Gnawonyourbones is 25, lives about 8 hours away from me, and she likes Thom Yorke, Daft Punk, New Order, and Jarvis Cocker… but The Unicorns aren’t mentioned.

I’ve been on a 5 year search for the perfect Unicorns fan.  If you know one please set me up.

The girl who managed the CD Plus where I bought The Unicorns compact diskette years ago loved The Unicorns… I should have made a move while I had the chance.

What do you think, should I change my mandatory one alt band criteria from The Unicorns to something else???

Maybe something that was obscure, but is growing more common without sucking, like Animal Collective???

Kind of turned off by the whole Islands new album sucking – Nicholas Thorburn really let me down.  Scared that maybe The Unicrons really did take their last breathe.



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5 responses to “Make Out Club vs. Indie Friend Finder

  1. Oh I so have a makeoutclub profile… from my Ryan days… thought I havent checked it in a thousand years, Im off to do that now.

  2. Ah, according to them, I am “Old School” I dont know what that means, but Im assuming along the lines of my mom saying Im no spring chicken…

  3. lacinta

    You are so old school that you probably still listen to Pavement and Sonic Youth, and think you deserve partial credit for inventing the original chucks/tapered jeans.

  4. lacinta

    What’s your MOC profile name!? And were you online dating while you had a BF??? Bad Charly-cinta…???

  5. spikethekat… my dead cats name, I know you can relate.

    And its just like a myspace thing, not everyone is an internet whore like you.

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