LaCinta Presents: Indie Friend Finder


Just had a fantastic idea, and it was inspired by this true story:

I went to the grocery tonight.  I saw an attractive alternative girl.  I made eye contact with, she made eye contact with me.

I smiled at her, she smiled at me.

I considered making vocal contact, and bam! her BF stepped in.

Her BF was wearing slip-ons, skinny jeans, an American Apparel hoody, and a saggy black toque.

I was wearing slip-ons, skinny jeans, an American Apparel hoody, and a saggy black toque.

This might not seem TOO weird to y’all.  But in my rural redneck/hippy community this is unheard of.  It was possibly the first time I’d ever seen a girl that might/maybe/possibly be into the same music as me, and her BF was the only indie-kid I’ve ever seen here.

So this got me thinking.

I’ve been having vast difficulty finding a girl who doesn’t listen to Jack Johnson and Bassnectar religiously.

And I’ve been having trouble locating real life friends to talk about music with.

And I’ve been having immense difficulty getting people to come out to my NITELITE indie/electro dance nights.

So, I’ve decided to start an online community called Indie Friend Finder.  IFF will be a community for like minded people to find oneanother, become IFF friends, and then eventually meet in person.  IFF will be dedicated to looking for both sexual and plutonic alternative relationships.  IFF will be a place for rural/normal indie-kids to find oneanother, and become friends.

More importantly, it will be a place for me to find people to come to NITELITE parties and dance, and appreciate the music.

And most of all, it will be a place for me to find sexy alternative girls that will agree to performing alternative sexual techniques to the arrousing sounds of bands like Animal Collective, Deerhoof, and Fiery Furnaces.

Until Indie Friend Finder is launched, please refer every single music nerd, altbro, altbag, althag, altgal, hipster, indie-kid, robot, cyborg, etc., to LaCinta, and read the articles/comment if you’re interested in the Indie Friend Finder community.


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