Embarassing Moments Comment Contest

Went snowboarding today. There was 48cm overnight. Had a good time.

This guy went skiing in Vail. There was a mishap and he spent some time hanging upside down from the chair with his pants down. I don’t think he had a good time.


Have you ever had an embarrassing moment?

Leave your embarrassing story in the comments for this post and the winning story/stories will get LaCinta front page coverage plus amazing ‘other’ prizes.

Or, if you find someone’s embarrassing comment left on a forum/website/blog you can cut and paste the comment and leave a link to the page the comment was on. Other people’s embarrassing comments are embarrassing moments too.



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5 responses to “Embarassing Moments Comment Contest

  1. dmxer

    I overheard some cool guys saying that the band “DMX” is really hot right now.

    I invited some friends over the other night and casually turned some DMX on to subtly show how cool I was, and everyone started laughing and made me turn the music off. They made jokes about me liking DMX for the rest of the night.

    Took a couple days to figure out, but eventually I realized that those guys I overheard say that “DMX” was cool, were actually saying that “BMX” was cool (which apparently is a band and not the bicycle riding)

    http://hypem.com/track/717360“>BMX – Theme To BMX

    I can’t seem to keep up on music trends even though I read really cool blogs like lacinta and AOL music online, and listen to the popular tracks on the hype machine and subscribe to rolling stone.

  2. sexjoke

    In response to a “joke” article about the American pornography industry looking for a bailout this buddy says:

    “The last thing America or any other country needs is more sex! People are so perverted! I wish Joe ,Hef and flynt would drop off the face of our planet.
    Also our government shouldn’t bail out any of these greedy jerks!”

    Posted at 7:26AM on Jan 7th 2009 by Seashells

    Article and comment on

  3. notpietur

    this one time i heard this really cool band. listened to it a couple times over, felt like i could really connect with the powerful male vocals, then when i read more into this new great band i realized it was actually ryan gosling singing. embarassing.

    well not really i guess, so long as you picture yourself on breaker high instead of dwelling on the memory of that depressing time in your life when that girl got you to watch the notebook with her and you still didn’t get any action from her after it.

    song: http://www.mediafire.com/?nzilnjgo1zy

  4. notlacinta

    Just noticed that the grey skinny jeans I’ve been wearing for the last 3 days have a torn crotch… like a really torn crotch.

    The embarrassing part is that I now remember discovering the torn crotch 4 days ago, and making a mental “note to self” not to wear these pants until I fix them.


  5. Ashli

    Even though I wasn’t present for the horrifying moment. It was still pretty awful having to hear that my friend saw my moms boobs when they were helping her move some stuff from her house, and she bent over.

    I still get red when I think about how many times friends have seen my moms ‘goods’ by accident.

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