Shameless Self Promotion


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OK.  So I just think this is hilarious so I had to post it.

This is a comment from the MySpace page of a Portland exported New York based hipster girl named Cosandra who works in sales (professional schmoozing) for @ Large Films.

I think James is just about bang on in his comment.

Shameless self promotion?  I think this girl has it dialed.  And here I am helping her.  We are all slaves to intellectual-motivated-marketers (and sexy part Asian? hipster girls).


According to her Twitter she is going to have her ‘artwork’ displayed in cool New York galleries.

Her MySpace tagline is “Project CS.” She is using you/me to make herself independently wealthy. People are scary when their Bachelor’s of Advertising degrees actually pay off.

Now why isn’t this tactic working very well for me yet???? Maybe I should finish the last year of my Marketing Degree and move to a major metropolitan area (and become a professional hipster girl).

I wonder if I’ll be deleted from her friend list after posting this. Hahaha.

PS: How bloody creepy is it that it only took a matter of minutes to discover all this information (plus more) about someone I don’t know??? If this is what ‘real’ journalists do for a living I think I know why I left journalism school.


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