Mainstream Morning = The Eminems


So the last time I posted an Eminem track LaCinta got like a million hits, and some pretty entertaining comments.

I used to avoid things like Eminem like the plague.  But I’m attempting to learn to accept that when Eminem releases a new single, it’s probably going to be stuffed down my throat regardless of how hard I try to avoid it.

And if I blog about it/post an MP3 as soon as possible it’ll drive traffic to LaCinta and make my ‘blog stats’ looks better.. and please ‘the advertisers’…

So here we go again.

Here’s the new track, featuring Dr Dre and 50 Cent:

MP3: Eminem – “Crack_a_Bottle” (feat Dr Dre and 50 Cent)

And the track from when he came back a couple months ago:

MP3: Eminem – “I’m Having a Relapse”

I prefer “Relapse” to “Crack a Bottle” – perhaps it’s ’cause Relapse is only like 10 seconds long and is free of an annoying hook.  What do you think?

Gawd I think I’m compromising my indie-legitimacy again.

I promise not to blog about that horrible ‘Jaydiohead’ mash-up I keep seeing on the internet.

SideNote: I think Eminem’s coming back because his stocks took a hit in the econo-crisis.


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