LaCinta: ‘New’ Albums I will Listen to At Least Once This Winter


MSTRKRT – Fist of God

So happy that at least part of Death From Above 1979 is still making enjoyable music.  I wonder if the popularity of MSTRKRFT over the last couple years will influence how Pitchfork reviews the new album (the old album was rated poorly, but went on to gain much attention and praise from fans, as y’all know).

Animal Collective – Merriweather Post Pavilion

Well I’ve heard this now, and it is amazing.  This is probably going to be the strongest album we/I see for a while.  I wish Animal Collective released albums monthly.

Lily Allen – It’s Not Me, It’s You

Wonder if she can actually successfully follow up her surprise hit debut.  Looking forward to some more sassy pop-British-club-narrative.

Juan Maclean – The Future Will Come

I never listen to The Juan Maclean much, but I always expect good things.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs – TBA

This is going to be really interesting.  I wasn’t too fond of their last LP, but I did enjoy their last EP.  “Rockers to Swallow” was an awesome track on the Is Is EP (2007) and I’m crossing my fingers that the band is taking that direction.  Hopefully Karen O has something to be vicious about this time round.

Jay Reatard – TBA

It’ll be intersting to hear Jay Reatard actually release an entire album.

Grizzly Bear – TBA

Love Grizzly Bear.  Love Department of Eagles.  I’m expecting really good things here.

Bon Iver – Blood Bank EP

Their first LP was excellent.  Hopefully they can keep it up here.

AC Newman – Get Guilty

Really enjoyed The Slow Wonder (2004).  I have a bad feeling this album is destined to fall flat of it’s predecessor.

Thunderheist – Thunderheist

Hoping it’s all new material on this album.  Wouldn’t be at all surprised if it’s not though.  Really hope it plays strongly all the way through.  Could be the next electro-dance Long Player.

The Von Bondies – Love, Hate, and Then There’s You

Don’t really expect much from this.  I enjoyed The Von Bondies when I first heard them, but I think between all the commercials, the discovery of countless bands I enjoy more, and the weakness of the last EP – We Are Kamikazes (2008), that this isn’t going to be great.

Wavves – Wavves

Heard lots of Wavves on blogs.  Not entirely sold so far, but maybe the hype is about something after all?

Malajube – Labyrinthes

Oh French-Canadian music.  How you make me feel so wordly/a ‘complete’ Canadian when I listen to you.

Beirut/Real People – March of the Zapotec/Holland

Beirut better not disappoint me.  I heart all his work to date.

Black Lips – 200 Million Thousand

If this isn’t good everyone should boycott Vice Magazine.  Put a little pressure on those ‘hip-setting’ bastards.

King Khan & BBQ Show – Animal Party 7″

Something about a male rocker in dresses/wigs that makes King Khan appealing/not appealing at all.

Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy – Beware

I usually enjoy Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy, but I never listen to him much.  I think as the days go by Americana is slowly loosing it’s ability to capture my ear’s attention.  I’m expecting this ‘Prince’ to be much like all his albums.

The Decemberists – The Hazards of Love

I’ve lost interest in The Decemberists over the years.  I think Picaresque (2005) is probably my favorite Decemberists, but I can hardly remember.  Think I realized I couldn’t much relate to the stories, and that their music always makes me feel sad.  Especially that song about the pirate hooker trying to earn enough money to take care of her family – but keeping her ‘night-job’/’sacrifice’ secret all the while.

Dan Deacon – Bromst

Sort of hoping this is a little more poppy than Spiderman of the Rings (2007) – I enjoyed the album, but I found it irritating and irratic at the same time.  Something a little more accessible might be nice – but I’m not sure that’s what his fans are hoping for.

Valet – TBA

Valet isn’t particularly exciting, but Naked Acid (2008) was certainly enjoyable, in an psychedelic/abrasive-background-music-at-night kind of way.

Patrick Wolf – Battle

It feels like that time I saw Patrick Wolfe live was just a really weird dream.  I wouldn’t be surprised if this album was less appealing than The Magic Position (2007), but at the same time I think Wolfe has the potential to improve.  Something I can handle listening to on a more regular basis would be nice.


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