No Wonder The Postal Service Isn’t Going to Record a New Album…


According to Pitchfork – in one of their only new updates during the holidays – Ben Gibbard & Zooey Deschanel are engaged.

What is more indie/less-indie than those two getting married!?

I mean two indie stars getting married is pretty indie… but somehow marriage itself seems not very indie at all.  Especially when we love/hate Gibbard for his emo tendencies.

Does this mean Mr. Gibbard isn’t going to be sad enough anymore to bring us any new emotional indie love ballads?

Will he turn his old songs into happy electro-dance tracks?

Is he going to change his band’s name to Death Cab for Zooey !?

Gibbard already mentioned a few weeks back that he had no intent on recording new Postal Service material…

Another issue all together, is M. Ward going to be jealous that She & Him is now She & Him + The Benjamen !?

The indie world has never been so juicy!!!!

I’m going to launch a new blog called LaCinta Starr, or maybe LaCinta Alt Celeb…  still working on the title.

Listening to Now: The Field From Here We Go To Sublime (2007). Excellent album I haven’t listened to in a while.  I’m eyeballs deep in purging/organizing my music collection.  I’ll post some more year end lists in the near future.


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