Xmas ‘Wrap’ Up

Who got/gave the coolest present for Christmas this year?

The worst present I got for Xmas this year was the Xmas Plague.

It’s kind of like the black death…

..but instead instead of being remembered by dramatic portrayals of the bubonic plague sweeping industrial England:


..it will be remembered by post-capitalistic pictures of post-Xmas Xmas trees being carried to the top of giant artifact piles from capitalistic America:


The best present I got for Christmas was a new Nikon camera.

I’m feeling really creative with my new camera.  I decided to make ‘art’ and took a picture of myself in a two-paneled mirror.  Would it be ‘artsier’ if I was naked?  Should I work on my picture taking scowl in front of the mirror?


Do you ever think that you’re the first person to do something but have no access to Google to prove yourself wrong?

I have a big decision to make now.. should I become:

a) a party picture taker, like the ‘geniuses’ from all the party picture blogs

b) a hairy bush/puffy nipple porno/art/stalker/American Apparel picture maker, like Richard Kern

c) a ‘creative’ picture guy who looks kind of funny and makes people smile with self-portraits, like Terry Richardson

Good thing New Years is on the way ’cause I’m going to turn over a new leaf/make some important New Year’s Resolutions/become some type of ‘professional’ art photographer.

PS: I’m a little stressed out right now because:

I really hope musicians still make ‘good’ music in 2009… I’m afraid that for some reason everyone will get in a rut and all musicians (even Animal Collective) will sound like mainstream Canadian musicians.  ie. Anne Murray, Celine Dion, Barenaked Ladies, & Nickelback.

Guess I have to wait till 2009 to find out.



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3 responses to “Xmas ‘Wrap’ Up

  1. Pietur

    definately richard kern. love his puffy nips shots haha

  2. Tia

    usually pictures of people takin pictures of themselves in mirrors bothers me..but you really captured something here my friend.

  3. lacinta

    ..I thought I was the first to take a picture of myself in a mirror : ( Gosh..

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