LaCinta: 10 Favorite EPs 2008

10. Thunderheist – Jerk It EP

31iwbeot3ml_sl500_aa280_This probably would of scored higher if it wasn’t just one song and a bunch of remixes.  But this is one of my favorite electro-dance tracks ever.  I’ve heard a bunch of demos of other songs from Thunderheist, and there are good things on the way.

9. Little Boots – Arecibo EP


This also would have scored higher but it’s only 2 songs and 2 remixes.  Everything I’ve heard from Little Boots so far is great. Got a little bit of a crush on Little Boots…

8. The Juan Maclean – Find a Way Tour EP


DFA Records is usually a lot of dance=fun.  This EP is no exception.  “Find a Way” is an awesome dance track.  Plus it helps me get my “techno” fix.

7. Passion Pit – Chunk of Change EP

passionpit_cover-copyI think this might be a love/hate record.  I love it, but sometimes I hate the vocals, but sometimes I love the vocals.  I’m listening to this EP right now and almost deciding to put it higher on the list… but the love/hate thing… and that Sony commerical is still fresh in my mind.  I love all the ‘little’ sounds everywhere on this EP.

6. Stars – Sad Robots EP


Over the years I haven’t really been much of a Stars fan.  It’s just too sad for me.  And not ‘good’ angry sad, like Bright Eyes (back before he “moved to the country” and got all bloody happy).  For some reason this EP really grabs me… perhaps it’s the 80s sounds that make me think of this years M83 Saturday = Youth.  “Thread Cut With A Carving Knife” is probably one of my favorite songs this year.

5. Animal Collective – Water Curses EP


I probably play Animal Collective more than almost any other band.   My friend and I were discussing Animal Collective last night and we decided that they’re beginning to reach a level of significance in today’s music that bands like Radiohead and Daft Punk reached during the last 10 years.  It’s almost too bad this EP starts with “Water Curses” because it’s such a strong single that the rest of the EP feels kind of shadowed by it.  Merriweather Post Pavilion will be out in just a couple weeks – can’t wait!

4. Heartsrevolution – Switchblade EP


I can’t even remember how I first discovered Heartsrevolution.  I think it was by “accident”.  It actually wasn’t a blog find though, believe it or not.  I like how the vocals on this EP scare me in a similar way to how having a switchblade pulled on me would scare me.  Alice Glass may have the ‘punk’ roots, but Heartsrevolution certainly sound a lot more punk then Crystal Castles.

3. Air France – No Way Down EP


I just realized that Air France’s No Way Down was an EP.  It’s like 40 minutes long so I just assumed it was an album.  This is good stuff.  I first heard about them from an interview with The Tough Alliance… and I was ecstatic when I first played On Trade Winds EP, and thrilled to see this new EP released.  “Collapsing at Your Doorstep” is one of the best songs this year.

2. MF DOOM & TRUNKS presents Unicron EP


It feels like I’ve been waiting at least ten years for a new MF DOOM album… and those hip-hop bastards on the Internet just keep giving my hopes up.  This EP at least has helped to quench the thirst until a legit LP arrives.  “Trunks ain’t a rapper he’s a monster from the future!”

1. Fleet Foxes – Sun Giant EP


It’s weird.  I’ve played this EP for a lot of people, and not very many have seemed all too excited about it.  I mean, it has been given half of Pitchfork’s 2008 Best Album, and countless praise eleswhere, and I really like it, so it must be good right? … but at the same time my friends didn’t care for the The Knife either, and I love The Knife, and so did other critics.  I mean at least half my friends come from a hippy town… and if the Fleet Foxes aren’t hippy friendly I don’t know what is.  Damn hippies and their dancehall/drum&base/house/glitch.  How the fuck are those genres hippy!? I think I need cooler friends ’cause the Fleet Foxes sound great.

F00TN0TE: The order of this list changes every time I listen to one of the EPs.  I push play and I think “this EP needs to be higher on the list!”  So if I re-picked the order tomorrow it would probably be different… that, and more than likely I’m going to realize that I completed spaced on including some other great EPs in the mix.  I would have included Ricardo Villalobos… but the music off his Vasco EPs also appeared on his Vasco album, which will be included somewhere in the album list.  I also would have included Nite Jewel’s MY CD… but I’m not sure if it’s an EP or not (I guess it is only 6 songs).. but I’m going to include that in the album list. Picking favorites is just too stressful!


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