“NEW” iPhone Picture Party! : MSTRKRFT in Kelowna

¡Phone Picture Party! is a feature where we post interesting pictures taken from an iPhone.  Apple is endorsing these ‘features’ and I am going to become a blogionaire!

iPhone Picture Party #1 = MSTRKRFT in Kelowna, BC, Canada from the December 18th, 2008 show.

Typically we’d have complimentary $1000 VIP tables (hehehe) that come with a free bottle of Greygoose & a second bottle for only $300… but for this show we just had “normal” people tickets and were forced to wait outside in the blistering winter’s cold for way too long before getting in.  Knowing/understanding how Emperor Penguins stay warm is critical for life in Canada.

My ex-hip friend kept telling me about how Death From Above 1979 was so much better live; but regardless, she and almost everyone else danced their faces off to MSTRKRFT’s very enjoyable DJ set.


These feet are my little sister’s after a night of totally crazy dancing on one of the most crowded dancefloors ever.  The night was “a little” better then your typical night out in (who wants to live there?) Kelowna.


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