Looking 4 Tru Mobile-Luv @ 1st Click/Touch

Since I know that LaCinta’s readers are the most passionate “commenters” in the entire blogosphere, I’m going to pose a question:

What phone should LaCinta get?

Due to “security concerns” beyond my control there are a few restrictions I must adhere to:

a) The phone must be black

b) It must have the technology 4 me 2 blog/Twitter/MSN/phone/text/email/surf the internet from it (so that none of my online friends get worried about me)

c) it must be with Rogers in Canada (trying to keep my ‘real’ whereabouts on the DL)

The phone also REALLY needs to:

a) be happy in my hand/pocket

b) make girls happy in their pocket when they see me with it

c) be happy on my pocket book

d) also say “Yah I’m tech savvy and blogging @ the coffee shop, but I’m also humble and still fit into my rural surroundings”

I’ve been thinking about getting either:

Really Trendy:

iPhone 3G

“Twice as Fast Half the Price”



Really Professional:

Blackberry Curve Smartphone

“Thinnest and Lightest
Full-QWERTY BlackBerry Smartphone”


Blackberry Bold

“Pure Innovation”rim-blackberry-bold-smartphone

Blackberry Storm

“Press and Be Impressed”


This is a big decision and I need help.

I know what you are thinking…  “How the fuck is he going to make such a life altering decision that effects his personal brand on every level !?”

Listening to Now: Tickley Feather s/t (2008).  Found via Pitchforks Guest List 2008.  Loving this. It’s mellow and unique. Really need to listen to it as a full album – not exactly ‘single’ material.

Tickley Feather “The Python”


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