Just Wanna Sync My iPhone on My iMac Without iTunes… so sad right now : (


Went for the iPhone… really wanted to look “business professional” with a Blackberry, but they were more then twice the price, and the “Storm” wasn’t even available.

The iPhone looks pretty exciting/trendy and all… but just discovered I can’t sync it without iTunes on a Mac.

Anyone got a solution to this !?

Was so sure that my precious little Songbird 1.0 would be able to do it… didn’t realize she could only handle an iPod so far.

Might have to re-install iTunes yet again… just makes me imagine a worm eating an Apple.

Apple I hate you tonight… all I can think of are all the bad things you’ve ever done to me.  Better get me some flowers…

Listening to Now: Some albums I hadn’t yet heard from TMTs “Eureka” Year End List… pretty sure I’m not ‘experimental’ enough for any of this…


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