Clicked the “Watch The Video and Be Impressed” Link for The Blackberry Storm… and I was terribly unimpressed.

Not only did I ‘gasp’ my all too common ‘gasp’ when Simian Mobile Disco’s “I Believe” started playing, but also I was appalled to see the inexplicable presence of a BMXer doing a turndown over top of the Storm.

The video didn’t really show me much, except that Blackberry hired a “cool” design studio to do their video. I wonder how much the video cost Blackberry…

Still can’t figure out if I can add music to these phones without using iTunes… or with a Mac at all for that matter.  I found a frightening link on the Blackberry website that said “Get Emailed Upon Mac Compatibility” – lovely. I guess if I want to look “business professional” with my data phone I’ll have to revert to a PC with iTunes… I guess Blackberry is ‘ironic’.


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