Introducing: PF – The Best New Electro DJ Today in Iceland Ever!



Straight out of the Icelandic econo-collapse comes PF.

Rumor has it that ALL of his DJ equipment is hand carved out of ice, and that he got into DJing a couple months ago because dancing 24/7 is the only way to stay warm in the new Iceland.

When asked what his “DJ name” was all he could do was shiver a bit and make the sound “Pfffffffffffff…..”  So I just abbreviated that to PF.

May Bjork bless PFs little Icelandic DJ heart.

MP3: PF – Ice/Podcast Number One

1. cut copy – lights and music (boys noize happy birthday remix)
2. hellogoodbye – here (in your arms) (young americans remix)
3. of montreal – wraith pinned to the mist and other games
4. fiasco – happy hour (the scar remix)
5. midnight juggernauts – 45 & rising
6. the ting tings – great dj (calvin harris remix)
7. the valentinos – kafka (bag raiders how d ya like it at five remix)
8. theatre of disco – yoa (the twelves remix)
9. bmx – war
10. lykke li – i’m good, i’m gone (fred falke remix)
11. krames – we’re alone now

MP3: PF – Ice/Podcast Number Two

1. wierd tapes – home
2. bagraiders – shooting star
3. anoraak – waiting for your phone call
4. the virgins – rich girls (the twelves remix)
5. santogold – l.e.s. artistes (grahm zilla remix)
6. lo-fi-fnk – want u
7. cyndi lauper – rocking chair
8. nina simone – take care of business (pilooski edit)
9. bush tetras – snakes crawl (burglar tom edit)

Oh, and I heard PF runs Windows on his ice-carved-laptop.  Girl Talk will be so proud!


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