F(@)K Indie!


WTF.  The Pitchfork 2008 Reader’s Poll didn’t shed ANY light on music I might want to check out.

Seriously, Pitchfork should try doing the Reader’s Poll without providing a list of possible answers.  They need to just leave blank spots and make voters actually think about what they liked/didn’t like from the year.  It’s totally useless to me for Pitchfork to just compile a list of albums they think indie-kids liked + got higher than a 7.0 by Pitchfork.  That’s what Pitchfork’s List should be… not the reader’s poll.

I want an emphasis on Choose Your Own Answer.  I want this damn list to show me something I missed!

Oh, and Of Montreal’s Skeletal Lamping sucked everyone.

I’ve been debating what to release as LaCinta’s top picks for 2008.  I’ve had a list compiled for a month (but deciding exact order is basically impossible for me).

I’m trying to decide whether to release the “anti-Pitchfork list” or the “pro-Pitchfork list.”

I just think it would be too pretentious to release a list of top indie music from an anti-indie-establishment (ie. Pitchfork) point of view.  I mean I do really appreciate Pitchfork (especially because Tiny Mix Tapes’ new coverage has been seriously lacking, and blogs tend to lack serious quality control efforts..).

Like, should I rate an album lower because I didn’t appreciate the type of attention it received!?

Like, do you include a band like (predictable example) Vampire Weekend!?  I mean I really enjoyed them before they actually released an album and got hyped to hell… but I can only bare to listen to Vampire Weekend cover songs now.  I mean I think it was a good album but… I heard it at a Mark’s Work Warehouse yesterday…  Although I did also hear a Justice song in a Telus commercial, and a Crystal Castles song in a Toshiba commercial, and THIS JUST IN:

A Passion Pit song in a Sony commercial (I can’t find the commercial online to show you yet…).

Anyways, just feeling a little jaded + pretensious right now.

Going to post some original Podcasts soon to raise the spirit of LaCinta.

Listening to Now: French Kicks Swimming (2008).  This is an underrated album.

MP3:The French Kicks – Abandon


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